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Kurugi, Sorry for the snippy response. I am definitely more of a progression-minded raider. It's just what I enjoy doing, and I sometimes forget that a lot of people take a much more casual approach to it. There's nothing wrong with that either. SWTOR is a game after all; the whole point is to have fun playing it. I actually agree with a lot of what you're saying about game design when it comes to ranged vs. melee and "bloodlust" type buffs. It leads to a "bring the class, not the player" situation, which I feel is bad. The progression crowd can normally get around this with alts. I know in both groups I run with, most of us have multiple alts sporting fully augmented Campaign or better. If we're missing something for the night we can shuffle around who's playing what to get what we need and we're still "bringing the player". The more casual players, however, rarely have this luxury.

Anyway, back to the OPs question. I actually would not recommend playing a Sin or Sorc for DPS. Marauders and Snipers simply outclass both of them at the moment. IMO, they're both more fun to play as well. But, if you're dead set on playing one of the two, I would go with Sorc just because it's generally easier to find a group as ranged and, personal opinion here, I did not enjoy DPSing on my Sin the few times I tried it.
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