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While I do agree 100% that Focus is an easy spec, I don't think a level 25 Guardian has the same Focus Spec as a level 50. You don't even have enough skill points to get a guaranteed crit, let alone a fully stacked sweep.
If played correctly and picking the correct targets and not blatantly attacking ppl who have full health one can destroy many ppl. You probably assumed I was 1v1'ing everyone down with full health and that is why you believed it to be an exaggeration. Its all a matter of play style. A smart melee won't charge in blindly sweep sweeping. That's how you get ff'd and burnt down. You don't need a full skill tree to destroy ppl especially when in sub 50 pvp everyones skills are maxed out at level 49 anyways.

We both agree its a cheap class and one any noob can play lets just leave it at that.