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GO TO is a droid and not effected by force mind tricks like organics are. He can also take over droids, electronics and ships. If he was in our world he would be that evil thing in the internet.
True, but it isn't a simple mind trick that Plagueis did. He created a clever ruse. Hiding behind the name Hego Damask, Plagueis operated around the galaxy without the Jedi knowing. G0-T0 doesn't have Jedi senses so he doesn't know Plagueis is Hego.

But this leads me to ask a question to Beni. Does G0-T0 know Plagueis is Hego Damask?

Edit: The reason I ask is because if G0-T0 knows Plagueis is Hego, then he has a pretty good advantage. He'd be a step ahead of the game, while Plagueis tries to figure out how to fing G0-T0 (easier than you think).
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