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Is 0 accuracy isn't little bit exaggerated...

The reason I asked about accuracy, I was reading my combat logs and I read that a boss dodged 3 of my assassinates during the burn phase which I think should hurt, it is one of our cheapest big hitters....

If u have goodly DPSes which are all parsing 2000 on the dummy this might not be so important but my guild is not in this league and they need my DPS also...
Adding accuracy makes very, very little difference in your DPS. As an example, my Assassinate hits for a little over 2k (3k if it crits), which is an average damage of 2285.6. It's a special attack, so has an extra 5% accuracy, and I have a bonus 1% accuracy from legacy companions. So, it will miss, on average, 4% of the time. Let's assume a static 360 second fight. Of that fight, 108 seconds will see the boss below 30%. Assassinate has a cooldown of 6 seconds, but in practice, you can't use it that often. Since the proc'd channel is more valuable (both in terms of damage and in terms of healing), you generally use assassinate twice per channel, which comes once every 15 seconds (when you have to wait for force regen due to assassinate usage). Thus, the frequency of Assassinate is 2/15 = 0.133/sec, or 14.4 total assassinates per boss. At a 4% miss rate, we will see an average of 0.576 assassinate misses per fight. That's a damage loss of 1316.51, which comes out to 3.66 DPS.

Even if your group is having issues meeting enrage timers, an extra 4 DPS is not going to help in the slightest. You will literally pick up more DPS by simply allowing your healers the opportunity to throw in a cheap attack now and again, and you can accomplish that goal by stacking mitigation over accuracy. Thus, I would argue that stacking accuracy *reduces* your group's overall DPS.
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