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Hi guysm My guild is mainly pvp and we have just started doing end game pve . We have a geared shadow tank, and Im wondering for ops that need 2 tanks, which other class compliments the shadow? Should it be a VG or a guardian, or is there any harm in running 2 shadows?

Ty guys
When I first started doing progression, I always ran with a guardian co-tank. (my main is a shadow tank) That worked out quite well, and having a tank with two leaps, a push, and heavy armor was very nice. More importantly, having a tank who could pop an on-demand 12 second god-mode in an enrage situation made the difference between a wipe and a clear on several occasions. So basically, all the things guardians are good at, this tank was good at.

Conversely, all the problems guardians have, he had. Threat was pathologically difficult to hold, particularly on some fights like Firebrand and Stormcaller. He also had some serious mitigation-related issues on other fights, most notably Nightmare Fabricator (armor debuffs suck).

I currently tank with another shadow, and again, there are some things about it that are really, really nice. When we tank Toth and Zorn, we separate them on the leap *instantaneously*. Literally, they jump together, and then Toth immediately turns and walks back into position (since we taunt him as we sprint past). Zorn never does anything other than turn to face the taunting tank and then turn back to the wall. When we tank Kephess, we alternate popping Resilience on the bleed. When we tank TfB and back up to the upper level to take the slime, we just pop Resilience and never take *any* unmitigated damage (aside from Scream) throughout the entire fight. We never, ever have threat problems (even tanking against our group's obscenely high DPS), and the logs show that we actually have an appreciable contribution to our group's net damage output.

But here again, the weaknesses of the shadow rear their head. Trenchcutters in particular are an obscenity. Shadow mitigation melts in the face of their frequent attacks, and so we end up cheesing that phase of the encounter more than other groups would need to. We also have to work a little harder than other tanks would to perform the tank swap on Firebrand and Stormcaller, since we can't just leap over.

Overall, I think that any tanking combination works, though ideally you would have two different classes to allow each to handle the situations they deal with best.
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