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Right. I, for one, look at flashpoints's loot as whatever the last boss drops. In this case, Columi mainhand and Rakata chest. No other flashpoint has that. You need to do operations to get them.
But a good designed FP should have the the bosses upgrade loot for people, not just the final boss, especially the first 2 bosses require columi to beat for most of the people.

What makes that boss hard for the healer, is dps eating his cleave. Yes, usually people avoid it most of the time.
But when the ape starts his chest pounding thing, they should stack up looking at his ugly butt. Not in front of him (range dps may fall for it since they're at a safe distance before this) , because after the smash, if boss doesn't jump immediately to the pipes, dps will eat his cleave. Squishies going to the consoles at 30% health.... well, a pain to heal through....
It's the lag issue, if you don't get near him, you may be too late to get beneath him when he use that smash.