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12.04.2012 , 10:26 AM | #26
I can confirm this bug and as chimex pointed out - it doesn't seem to affect companions at all, but only the playable character.

I was just able to recreate this bug in the game repeatedly, so here are all the variatons of the bug I came across, with hope that someone from customer support will take a look at this:

- a crafted purple item cannot be equipped on the playable character
- the same crafted purple item can be equipped on companions

- a purple item already bound and on a companion (not a crafted one, but a purple item bought from the GTN ages ago) cannot be equiped on the playable character
- a previously not bound purple item bought from the GTN can be equipped on the playable character (weirdly enough, only that one didn't give the error)

Error is always the same and says: "You cannot use or equip this item due to your subscription permissions"

And I'm a subscriber, needless to say, and have never had my account go to free to play status.

[edit: and yes, you can re-equip all of the purple items you currently have on your character - but only the ones on your character, you cannot give purple items from your companion to your character and equip them]

Relogging DOESN'T work, however, and doesn't fix anything since this isn't the issue with the game falsely stating you have a free to play account when you have a subscription, but a completely separate one.

I mean, seriously... with all these nearly game breaking bugs in some instances (like the one with the companion stats) lately, it's only normal for players, especially long time subscribers, to start feeling frustrated.

At least the companion bug was fixed, and this new bug really should be on their priority list to get fixed asap. (Though, it probably won't be, just like the broken crafting which is - still broken after the 1.5 update, and the two patches following it.)