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So; last night I got in a couple of matches against a premade. One Hutball where it was almost comical as my team tried fighting the last person who scored in the pit repeatedly. Some even nice enough to do so while standing up in the endzone area for the leap. Others up top got leaped to, then pushed to the goalline then leaped to again. It was awesome in that some of it had to do with the other team; but a lot had to do with my team. I even got pushed to the goal once myself and leaped to as I ran across the fire trap on the right closest to mid.

It was a good lesson learned.

Then; I got a match where I saw 4 people with the same guild tag on my team in NC. I was thinking after the Hutt Ball match "Sweet! Time to be on the giving end." LMAO It wasn't even close. WE LOST BAD! In fact, I would say it was about as unorganized of any PUG I have ever been in.

Either way, I still came out with plenty of medals and comms. I really don't see what the big deal is. I would say, I walked away a little smarter and more efficient.
The problem is with the good premades as well, is they are pretty arrogant and forget there are another 4 players in the group. So yes, from time to time you will see those good premade groups fail, due to there superiority disorder by forgetting there are another 4 people in that group. Some of those high end premade groups if and when they lose will always blame the other 4 not in a premade group for a loss, but ultimately the buck lays with the high end premade group to work as a unit of 8, not a unit of 4 expecting to always get the win. They wont admit it, but I know for a fact if they lose, the blame is never on them, the blame will always be put on the other 4 people in the group who have tried there best to communicate and organize things.

Now when you see these people who premade a lot, but not in a premade group, so on there own or two of them, then you get to see just how good they really are, and in my experience, funny enough a lot of them when isolated are quite frankly abysmal at pvp. Again they wont admit it, because they have a superiority disorder, but it sure is nice to crush them when they are isolated and without the numerous heals and full on group .

Now finally, if the "premade" group respected everyone in the group, no matter what armor or level the other 4 are at, and if they had communication skills, then they would win 100% of the time. Luckily, the good "premade" groups lack those communication skills, therefore leading to them losing on occasion, when on paper they should have won.