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By Sin I assume you mean a madness sorc. To put it in perspective, let's look at the frequency of instant cast uses between the classes (indicative of time available to move).

-Affliction: 21 second cycle
-Chain Lightning: ~10 second cycle

-Affliction: 21 second cycle
-Creeping Terror: 18 second cycle
-Death Field: 15 second cycle
-Crushing Darkness (with wrath proc): 15 second cycle

This works out to about nine 1.5 second intervals per min for lightning to move around (13.5 sec), while madness could potentially get up to 14 of those intervals (21 sec). It's not exact science, but to produce optimal dps, lightning must be stationary about 20% more of the time. Combining that data with the frequency of movement required for certain boss fights would be a near impossible task, but you that's the general idea of mobility comparison. Also, because of lightnings tight dependence on procs and the upkeep of dots, the cycle for chain lightning may end up being greater than ten seconds if you are not using enough lightning strike to generate the proc every 10 seconds.