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2.) Yes. That's why Han made such a big deal about putiing in hyperspace coordinants. You can't just steer a ship towards the core and say "Courscant is that way!" and zoom off, plowing through worlds. Also, mapping new hyperspace routes is probably the most dangerous job in the galaxy, seeing as you could very well go into a star. Which is why only certain routes are used, because they're known to be safe. As for the traffic stuff, I'm sure there is, but I don't know how it works.

There's also stops to recalculate routes every few minutes. Since there's no straight shot from planet to planet, it's a "Jump to point X, stop, plot and then Jump to point Y". Usually the longer the distance, the longer the time spent in Hyperspace. A jump from, say, Dromund Kaas to Tatooine would be approximately six days in Hyperspace, with the stops factored in. That is assuming that Hyperspace Engines in TOR aren't as fast as engines in the movies. It's actually a bold claim when Han says that the Falcon can make .5 past lightspeed since only the big assault cruisers are supposed to have that capability.