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12.04.2012 , 10:09 AM | #53
Actually we don't care. On the republic side we have a valor bonus of +1000 exploit when we have the most damage taken. So it is simply about getting our valor boosted.

This was inserted to counter the imperial exploit on Ilum back in January.

Also, when we see any of the imperial leet guilds we quake in terror and simply seem unable to face roll our key boards anymore. I mean I know that when I see Whipser (he mispells it btw) from Casual I am in awe of his gear that I simply have to stand there and watch in amazement while I inspect him real close like.

In fact I think I can corner the market by making a T-Shirt that says "I survived ToR stun wars".

So I will keep pvping against the elitist imperials and screaming "Medics in front cuz I want to die first"

So look for me running around terminals while I try to avoid the smashes and healing myself to get the most mvp votes.