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just cus everyone is so negativ to the merc, i would have a full team of merc.

just cus we are awsome
I think what is amusing are those people who have never tried being a Merc in PVP, but seem to think they know everything about the Merc. I have always said, to be a merc in PVP is the most difficult class to master and it is genuinely bloody difficult, even if you have an obnoxious one saying "you do not know your class", he/she knows darn well the Merc needs something to spice it up a bit, and so do the ones playing the easier to manage classes, such as Smuggler, Operative, etc, etc, basically every other class. Now with the amount of enemies I have on both sides, obviously I take a good bashing sometimes, if I am without my heals, serious bashing's then the usual obnoxious /say comments that unfortunately any US server is riddled with as they are not very good at taking criticism at all, however, a Merc with heals support all of a sudden the Merc is able to lay its damage down constantly, and most of the time putting the enemy in its place regardless of who they are .

There are also some amazing Mando's in this game, that have mastered that class and are to me to be respected. They know who they are, and they are genuinely good, because they use there brains and use additional weapons such as grenades, which I have just started to use with some alright results on my Merc if a little costly to have made.

Ignore the wind up merchants who will constantly try to put you down if you are a Merc who has just taken an utter bashing. This does not prove they are better, as gang bashing is not a special skill, it is just vindictive individuals who will take advantage of the weaker class but still require 5-6 to make sure that person is deflated in every possible way. If so many of these so called high end pvpers think the Merc is that under powered, may I ask why you need so many to take 1 down?. I see it a lot, not just on myself but numerous other Merc's who I respect and who I know are genuine pvpers, not glorified rambo's with overpowered classes.