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I level with a mix of PVP and PVE, and these are my thoughts and what I have learned.

while leveling in pugs, there are often few healers, which are very shy.
Its hard to look at them in before the match starts who heals, and no one talks in chat if your team don't give good results or bad results.

I'm leveling as a Tank, Vanguard. This also counts for Powertech, but I don't know the names off the mirror abilities (I'm a noob after all)

I put Guard on a seamingly deserving target, somone who looks like they are going to get a beating, or someone who looks like they are going to be healing. I change to better target later (I bound Shift+Tab to friendly target). This will redirect some damage from them to you and you get medals for this, only works within 15m proximity of the Guarded target. This requires Ion Cell. Remember to turn of Guard if you are carrying the Hut Ball, or even Guard the Hutt Ball carrier.

I have both Neural Jolt and Sonic Rond both on mouse buttons, and use them when they are not on cooldown. These are basically DPS debuffs and you get medals for the damage they reduce.

I also have Hammer Shot when clicked on scroll wheel. This is cause I use Ion Pulse (2 on action bar) as my spammable ability. But due to the way you regenerate ammo, you only want to be using ammo consuming skills while you have max >>>> on your ammo bar. I needed Hammer Shot a place where it would be compelling to use it, its still number 6 on the action bar as well. This will increase DPS as I am a tank class and spec, and need it.

I try to team up with a healer or a DPS, and guard him/her. I try to joine queue with someone that I intend to roll with in the WZ. I guard this person, stun and CC people when they attack him. Just try to be annoying. If they attack him they might kill him, but if they attack you your friend will kill them. Me and a DPS friend can sometimes take down groups ranging from 2 to 4 people alone. We try to focus fire on one person at the time.

I defend objectives a lot. You get defender points and you are built for this anyway. I AOE when people are trying to take the objective.

In Hutt Ball, I Harpoon the ball carrier, into acid or flames. Maybe even Cryo Grenade them as a combo. I also do this to persons in groups to get them out of the group so I can do a Solo Kill (own medal). With the harpoon and acid I jump out in the acid, harpoon and jump back out, facing in towards the acid. This will nearly not do damage to you, but will make them spend a relatively much longer time in the acid.

In Hutt Ball I also rely on Storm more than in other games. It's always useful, but do not leave people behind charing into a group of enemies. Use it also as a CC. In Hutt Ball its obviously used to cross obstacles. You can jump past acid, flames, or even get to the floor above you. If you are very lucky with the PUG (I always PUG thus far), you can even run with the ball down on the floor under all obsticles and Storm up the ledge and deliver the ball. This can become a viable tactic for me when I improve my skill, but for now I just use it if I get pushed down and have the chance.

Remember to pass the Hut Ball, you get medals for this. And its good for the game if you pass it to someone who are not being killed, or are much further across obstacles than you. I have this bound to a mouse button.

I have the second bar below my first bar key mapped to Shift + 1,2,3,4 and so on.
I have the skills i use most at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (my hands say stop there for power use)
and the once I use second most on Shift + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.