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My original main was a Sorc and to this day it is the only ac I've that I went a leveled a 50 of its mirror (sage) on, so yes I am a fan.

Sadly the lightning tree that first attracted me to the class pre-launch is terrible in pvp and to me feels clunky in pve.

That said, I have spent significant time as

1.full madness
2.full heal
3.21/20 (back when it was mez not stun)
4.heal/madness hybrid (a blast in unrated and great for soloing)
5.0/13/28 back pre 1.2

And have enjoyed every single one of those variations

For progression content and top end pvp I dps on my sent and heal on my scoundrel, but for sheer fun factor I very much am a fan of Sorc/sages
I'm the same way. If fun is your objective, I love the sorcerer. It's not a top end PvP class, but it's top end fun imo. It's why I still play it every night.

Just like this person said, there are several ways you can play it. I was a pure healer originally. Then I switched to hybrids. The heal/madness is the one I roll with when I get sick of being a pinata as a heal hybrid. Heal hybrid with the stun bubbles is very useful, however you need to have the right mindset to play the class. the DPS on the spec is tragically bad.

I definitely would pass on creeping terror if you want full DPS though. It's pretty underwhelming. Just get the 28.
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