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im not sure what too call this really, but i believe it is a bug. ive seen it happen before in less dire situations, but not as often as ive noticed it lately, and this needs to be sorted asap.
just now in a huttball is what really set me off today! a shadow who has the ball is on hes way to our goal line, me an 3 other team-mates jumps him(2 jugg, 1 mara and 1 assassin) and he just falls through the ground! completely dissapearing from all of us who just stand dumbstruck wondering why he would use his escape stealth that close to the goal line. but then he pops back STILL CARRYING THE BALL, and scores! yeah you can bet we all were pretty peed off about that one...
I've seen the falling through the ground on CW before. I took it as just a graphical bug and the assassin just used his in combat stealth. Wouldn't be able to score that way though.