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12.04.2012 , 09:26 AM | #66
Vette's companion stories were a nice, interesting surprise to me as a new player knowing nothing about the class stories or companions. I had a character concept in mind when I made my twi'lek marauder. It was so unexpected how Vette's history dove-tailed with the idea I had, how she represented everything my character could have been if "life" had taken a different turn. She's my best friend and "little sister" now.

But let's see... favorite personal moments...

Aside from every time she approved of me insulting Baras, there was this comment she made on Tatooine, said she'd turn purple if we stayed out in the sun too long. That decided it for me (when I got done laughing) that the customization I picked for her would make sure she stayed "blue."

To be honest, I love all of the Sith Warrior companions, especially with the path I've taken through class and companion stories so far.

Suggestions on the next featured companion: the game is too new to me still. I've not latched onto anyone else yet not affiliated with the Sith Warrior...

EDIT: I did "latch" onto someone else. Forgot that, sorry. Lord Scourge. He is a compelling character and my jedi sentinel would be drawn romantically to him, never to Doc. I actually started my marauder because of this, leaving my sentinel sitting at 40, a bit disappointed and burnt out. And yes, I know all about Scourge's history now, what happened to him. The potential for romance, the quest for its possibility, would be a great chance at character growth.