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Zombie Prompt and Necro Posting!

These two stories ran in the old head canon thread back in the lore forum. It gave me fits trying to find them for my chronology, since I thought they’d been in this thread all along. Apologies to all who already read them.

Also, many thanks for the kind words on Varrel’s stories. There are so many Sith Warrior stories on this forum, I’m glad there’s room for one more. Naturally the first snippets is Varrel’s. Occurs at the transition between SW Acts 2 and 3 and contains spoilers for those events, minor spoilers for intro Inquisitor story.

Prompt: Either Allies or I Love This Bar, take your pick.

Xathras is my Husband’s Inquisitor (no longer playing); he’s not been a good influence on Varrel.


Zombie Prompt 2: Discovery

Characters: Rixik, Mako.

Occurs prior to An Awkward Reunion, Smuggler Hoth. Also kicks off the storyline I’ve been working on involving Rixik, Kirya, et al. Kind-of sort-of spoilers for Smuggler story, no bounty hunter spoilers. As a note, I don’t think Mako is familiar with all possible underworld slang, hence her nonchalant reaction to “poaching”.