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actually the ques have just dont see it during normal play times yet. The ques start off popping 24/7 every 5 mins or so....then pop drops a bit and the ques pop a bit more slowly starting in the off hours (3 am server to 9 am round abouts) ...... then the off hours slot starts popping very rarely ( like it is now) every 30 mins to an hr or so.....then the ques dont pop at all during this timeslot and the que time jumps up a bit during normal playing hours (ie 15 mins or so per pop) then more and more....til they do a server combining and the whole process restarts. I guess the f2p did almost the same thing pop wise and maybe yet again theyll do it with a cross server que.....not sure where theyll go from there tho. They can only cover diminishing subs for so long (tho note if you unsub now, you get moved to a f2p sub and will prob be counted as an active sub whether you play or not).
All I can say is I play at different times and never have a problem, nor am I worried.
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