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corellia and especially voss were never the empires in the first place and the war pretty much wasting corellia is a solid win for the empire though a costly one. As for the novel i did say it was clear the empire was losing but 1. Novels always dramatize things, and every thing in it was basically saying we are losing until we start winning. Or in the novels owen words "unless something changes we will lose" which means as soon as something changes they will start winning. and 2. The republic lost alot while they were trying to lure the super weapon into a trap a super weapon which by the way always seemed to be in trouble in every battle it participated in. Oh and 3. The novel flat out failed to properly display the scope of each sides fighting power dumbing the numbers down by a factor of ten so why should i or any one be concerned that it displays the republic in a good light?
In the planet side quests you do win over corellia. When you start the bonus series/black hole quest you find out that the republic jumped in after you left and ****ed **** up. I think anyway, been ages since I played corellia...

Also we have lost a lot, **** for all the rest of the empire knows (excluding players) the emperor is dead. How is that not a huge loss to morale? (Like I said ik he's alive, but the npcs of the empire don't know that) we also lost, though not a dark council member, one of our strongest Sith Lords Darth Malgus, who was also a figure head and inspiration for the empire because he spear headed the sacking of coruscaunt (spelling?) oh and imperial intelligence, our equivilient to sis, is disbanded.
The empire is definitely in shambles and trying to recover.
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