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On my original server (Kaas City) it was the total opposite. Imps completely dominated PVP to the point where literally my evening would be full of Imp on Imp Huttball. (Ugh)
The early days after the Kaas city merger on CO were pretty nice with the influx of good PvP players and guilds hitting the queues. I was inactive for like a month over the summer and it seemed everyone had folded or re-rolled when I got back queuing.

Pretty sure I know who you mean and I can see why he thought that way, if you want to see if you stand out in the best team then you need to be where the best team is and he's probably not alone. After that, inactivity causes their friends to re-roll because they have no one to chat to on imp side, then their returning friends re-roll and its a domino effect after that.

At least that's what happened to most of the guys I played with, Vis and Grisha had mates that side so when this side went quiet they moved over. Ukko, Kov and other peeps returned after the summer and pretty much everyone they knew was there so off they went.

Similar has just happened with our old leader Aep I think, he mentioned about rolling a toon there and he's gone quiet on this side There are a few exceptions to the rule I'm hoping will stay this side.
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