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2130 on Karagga

DPS on the Fab droid is not a measure of you really.. it's a measure of how fast the puzzle solvers are.
nicely done sir, I see you took out a good amount of the mouse droids, we had a sniper dropping orbital that was taking them out so i didn't both. Also while looking at your logs i noticed your High Impact Bolt didn't miss once, may i ask how much accuracy your running with?

And as far as fab fight, i do agree it is a matter of how fast your puzzle solvers are, but honestly @ this point shouldn't people be able to keep the debuff on him nonstop. It isn't rocket science...
Also if you look there a guy whos 500+ dps higher than what i did in a fight that took about a min. longer than mine, so i guess if you do the puzzle slower and allow the stun droids to spawn you can parse even higher...

hopefully one of these days ill have a chance to dps a NiM EC or HM TFB to get a better measure, but until my guild finds another competent tank i don't think it'll be anytime soon.