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PvE side seems to be fine this side, but in PvP there are a few ego's without sense around and there was a prime example yesterday. We had a guy complaining at Krupp's sniper because he killed him a few times. Now there's usually no surprise in dying in PvP but for some reason this guy decided to comment. After a few back and forth comments it goes quiet so you'd think it was finished at this point. Nothing too much out of the ordinary.

Fast forward to the next game and we get matched on the same huttball team, so his friend decides to remove his chest & pants and claim he's going out DPS him (not sure what this would have proved as Krupp has been 50 on his sniper for like 4 days). Anyway, after failing at this he decided to cop out and whine about objective points instead.

Welcome to Imperial PvP. Where stroking ePeen is more important than trying to improving the situation.

A couple of months back there were a few groups of PvP players around Canderous Ordo who could handle most matches. With Sever/Talisman we'd go days without defeats and the ones we did lose were generally to LD50 pre mades but they were usually still good matches.

The exodus of players mentioned earlier seems to have knocked imp PvP back alot. A lot of good guys we had from guilds who went inactive are now on republic chars and I can see many of the returning players following suit.

To be honest there are some decent players kicking around on this side, even the craptalkers can do a job I just wish they'd shut up and get on with it and get people improving rather than twist about rubbish.
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