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IMO the imps have always been way too fragmented entombed within their own groups and small clicks. Open world pvp will make this very apparent, like it did on CO, if people don't already see this. An imp guild needs to step up and unite the imp sheep herd!
On my original server (Kaas City) it was the total opposite. Imps completely dominated PVP to the point where literally my evening would be full of Imp on Imp Huttball. (Ugh)

This next part, is the part I guess I just don't understand: I got sick and tired of continually winning.... bored to death of it. I found destroying someone no funner than being destroyed.

I rolled Repside just as we went to Canderous Ordo. I did not play a ton, but I quietly kept PVPing and at this time guilds like LD50, and Watchmen and Bloodline were making an impact.

I thought this was great.... until it went hard the other way... too much the other way. I went back to Imp side; back to Assimilation/Virtus et Honor..... To my disbelief I saw a mass exodus underway.

Then I saw old diehards cashing it in.... Pit Crew disappeared (Machination).... players abandoned ship and sought out Rep guilds or stopped all together.

I could name a lot of names, but the only one I'll mention because he was in Assimilation for a short time, and then I was in a Rep guild with him for a short time is a certain Marauder/Sentinel that ended up on LD50.

I guess I don't understand this mindset. I asked him why he was doing what he was doing.... 'To be the best on the server'. But if you pad yourself with the surroundings of the best PVPers, how do you know? It didn't matter, he did this anyway..... ( a fair number of people think this way - perpetuating the problem - I'm just using him as a prime example)

So again, with this mindset I see PVP doing what I call a reverse Kaas City. Reps will become bored with it (if they are not already). I despise PVP now unless I am with guildies. I have zillions of hours logged on several characters with zero desire to continue. Some of the best, and 'hardest' PVPers in my guild have all but stopped queing.

Try Hards is a nice idea, but it's too small and fractured. They come in our Mumbs once in a while and queue with us. They're good peeps, but I have to wonder where it's going?
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