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You will never have a good pvp community unless player ownership is tied to the pvp system. Every game that has done so had/has a vibrant pvp community.

E-rivalry requires symbols of e-honor (cities, bases, space stations, houses, boats, spaceships, ect...). Until there is a major player and guild centric dynamic around pvp there will be nobody who really "cares about it". In the absence of tangible, expensive, and valued items that players can take from one-another, pvp is no more serious or "cared about" than an amateur softball league.
I agree completely, been saying that for a long time. It's one of the things that makes this game seem so pointless. Being in a guild is just permanent group chat, there's nothing to do as a guild or faction.

Sadly though, I think Hawk is right. We probably won't get anything like that for years, and when we do, it'll be a purchasable unlock from the Cartel Store. I would be happy with some outposts that one faction or the other could capture on each world map, but we'll never see that either. Capital City raids will be missed sorely.
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