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I have no problem pugging groups since our guild is Casual and limited on players since were scattered all over the place between times and a sister guild on the imp side. I've made a couple friends who ask me to tank for HM ops for their guild when they need a filler when one of their tanks cant show up for raid nights so it works out well for me.

The original post was primarily directed to not have the F2P players to not waste a FP on one that will get you kicked out of right away since they are only limited to 3 per week. That could be 1 extra HM FP to get gear out of to be ready for more demanding content.
As it is for a geared F2P player, the 3 FP's they would be doing are the following:
  1. 1 HM FP with all selected for the daily (for BH coms)
  2. HM Kaon - for Rakghoul conflicts weekly
  3. HM Lost Island - for Rakghoul conflicts weekly

For the F2P players who are still gearing their 50 up, the 3 FP's they should be doing would be:
  • 1 Tier 1 HM FP with all selected for the daily (for BH coms)
  • 2 HM FP's except for Kaon or Lost island for the Galactic Conflicts weekly. Kaon nor Lost island go toward this weekly so they shouldn't be queing for it anyways.

Yesterdays conversation went like this with a guildie when I logged in with my Shadow tank (hes Shadow DPS spec).

Me: Hi everyone. Anybody need HM Lost island for the weekly (Posts rakghoul conflicts weekly in guild chat)
Guildie: Dude, mind if drop this team and group with you for it? Our tank is sporting 18k hp
Me: Sure thing. Fresh 50?
Guildie: <drops his team and joins up with me> Everyone in the team had more HP than him... we didn't even make it past the first miniboss
Me: Alright, queing us up

<Enter Commando & Guardian>

Commando: Sorry guys, im not a healer and GF pulled me into that roll <Commando leaves team>
Me: guess i could pull out my companion to clear out some of the trash on the way to not be too bored waiting for a healer.

<inspecting the Guardian - He has a mix of purple tank and blue dps gear with a green rated 110 lightsaber which he got from questing>

Me: Why are you half decked out in Tank gear and queing up as DPS and please tell me that you have a better saber than what you have equipped.
Guardian: Well, i have this lightsaber instead <states that he has another saber probably of equal or lesser quality>
Me: <Sending tell to guldie> This guy scares me
Guildie: <in tell back to me> Yep, this is what ive been dealing with all day and the reason i wanted to group with you to hope i got some better sucess

<cleared some trash and after 10 min of waiting>
Me: sorry but doesn't look like this gonna happen without a healer. Companion healers tend to be stupid when standing in the bad stuff

<me and guildie drop team>

Stuff like this is exactly what i was talking about. When my companion has more HP than you at 18.4K HP (Speaking specifically of tanks and DPS wearing tank gear), you should not be queing for HM Lost island

Please Please Please -
  • If your going to que for DPS, then be wearing DPS gear
  • If your going to que for Tank / DPS, Then make sure you have a Full Tank and Full DPS sets. Please don't be 50/50.
  • if you know you are not geared for the content, then don't que up for it hoping to be carried threw.
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