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Really? Really? Don't you already have the Vendor, VIP Club, physical items that came with the box, and your new F2P items? Quit being greedy. You bought the game, and you got what you paid for. Just because you have a gold key in your signature and have CE doesn't mean they have to continually reward you for a purchase that happened over a year ago. It's like buying a special edition or collectors edition movie from a famous director, and assuming that because you bought the CE, you get all his future movies free of charge. That's the stupidest and most selfish sense of greed and entitlement I've seen in a community. STO lifers are happy with what they get and they paid double what you did.
Thanks for the long, short-minded post.

Take no note of those who would buy a Ce would get regular updates on the CE vendor.
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..I think it's ultimately our fault for not communicating enough.