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12.04.2012 , 05:56 AM | #116
Just read patch notes and ... they haven't fixed it.
We can expect some sort of apology and a promise that they are working very hard on it, but I don't think anyone believes them any more. Two weeks! Two weeks of this serious bug with a few question written just to confuse us into thinking that they are working on it.
I have said it many times and even though I know many of them do not deserve such a label, it's true. CS dept and developers of this game are incompetent. Their incompetence in development, testing, debugging and customer support are mind blowing.
F2P made things worse. Now the only things they are working on are Cartel market and things that relate to it. Just look at patch notes. How many people had to work on all those insignificant (compared to this one) bugs, while they could be helping with this one. I bet they think "it's just crafting. Roll another character and everything will be fine.".
And they get payed for it . By us! Unbelievable.