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Actually, Jedi Outcast 2 introduced Cortosis as far as I know. You explored Artus Prime, a planet, where they mined the crystals. You hijacked a freighter from Bespin and travelled to the Cairn Installation, a cortosis processing facility. Finally, you fought prototype Shadow Troopers on the Doomgiver and Yavin, who wore Cortosis armor, as I can remember.

If you want to justify smugglers, take a look at Atton Rand. He is a Scoundrel by any definition yet he killed countless Jedi, when he was fighting for the Sith. He said it took clever tricks like poisoning them or killing them with gas but nevertheless he was a very successful Jedi hunter because he could outsmart them.

For that matter even Han Solo shot the reborn Emperor in the back.

To the OP: General Grievous killed like half the Jedi Order. And he wasn't even Force Sensitive. It takes more than the Force to kill stuff.
Ah, thank you. =P If I hadn't been lazy I should have looked that up, always good to learn new things.

As for Atton Rand, was he not a specialized agent when working for the sith (with special anti-jedi training)? That puts him more as an ex-operative than a scoundrel, even if later he turned smuggler. I don't think smugglers train themselves to "shield" their minds with trivial things, nor are they taught how to murder/torture jedi/sith. I haven't finished leveling a smuggler, but I saw nothing indicating they have any form of military or combat extensive background.

That being said... I could see how anyone could be good enough to stop a Jedi... =P I still say "Go ahead, kick me and see if you get that leg back."

Also... I <3 General Grevious.