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Well I can tell you right now that all this speculation about Yoda not going 100 % is wrong. Why? Simple, in the Revenge of the Sith novel (not movie) one get to be inside Yoda's head while he fight Sidious, and when he realize that he can't beat him.
Agreed, but I don't think Yoda losing to Palpatine makes Caedus stronger than him. After all, since Palpatine is the most powerful sith of all time he must naturally be stronger than Caedus. Blocking a disarm doesn't change this, Luke would be incredibly irresponsible not to have taught this to his top jedi.

I also don't think Kyle Katarn being unable to defeat Caedus is of relevance. It would only be important if we knew how Yoda would do against Katarn. If Katarn beats Yoda (I don't think he would) then Caedus would beat him too (baring specific technique/knowledge advantages the other). If not, then we're back where we started.
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