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12.04.2012 , 05:35 AM | #1
O.o I didn't even know we had these thingies... server specific forums.

^_^ I'm Lexi, though you can calls me Lexi, Doom, Doomsy, or Hey You!

I play:

Judice: 50 Merc Healer (still champ gear, in retirment till 1.6)
Judis: 50 Operative Stabby-Stab (Legacy gear is awesome! First day, 1250 expertise.)
Sierrah: 50 Sniper (Also in retirment til 1.6, I butchered some of her gear for Judis. Also Formerly Kerrigan)
Alexisia: 50 Sin Hybrid


Mal: 50 Commando Healer
Fae'tal: 35 Shadow Tank

=P I'm PvP focussed atm, but I'm also an avid PvE'er and an Rp'er. :-( Not so much rp atm (and I'm not leaving my two guilds for an Rp one). I'm usually pretty nice, though I'm prone to scrub-rage in warzones when people are clearly playing by mashing their face into the keyboard and hoping it works.

=P also, I hate mauraders.

So how about ya'll?