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I tend to play my Characters just like theBBT said above In every MMO I ever played . Like the expression too many chiefs not enough indians playing an "average joe" can seem very unique in a world where so many try to stand in the spotlight.
Avoiding certain dominant aspects of species or social canon can be great as long as one does not go over the top to the point of being ludicrous or complete breach of canon. The Chiss for example have a reputation for being arrogant and cold,this does not mean all Chiss must be so. The species Chiss are also known for being highly educated and interested in Art,science and cultures of others. One of my Chiss characters is just like that. He is fascinated to learn as much as he can about all things new too him and in order to do so must be quite outgoing and freindly. The sense of superiority is still there but by no means the dominant aspect of his personality like so many other Chiss characters I have encounterd. In any sentient species there will be individuality. No society is dominated by only one facet of its culture. I bet there is even a lazy Killik out there somewhere