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12.04.2012 , 05:31 AM | #20
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I'd love to be a tank in pvp if my role was more than just shielding a healer...
My role often seems to end up being "stay alive long enough while stopping caps so that the rest of the team can get back from respawn". Maybe it's just my perception, but I alwasy seem to die at an "off" time, such that when I respawn and the door opens I'm the only one there. By the time I get back to the node, I'm still the only one there because the rest of my team as been killed off by then. They are all in spawn waiting until the next door-open, and I'm trying to remember every trick I ever learned to stay alive long enough for them to get back. Rinse, repeat (well, hopefully repeat, otherwise it means we lost the node).

I don't know if that timing is a side affect of being a tank, just pure dumb luck, or a delusion on my part.