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I'm sorry but I wish this whole debate would just die. Yes as a CE owner I feel cheated and jaded by the lack of updates given to the vendor but the thing is those promises, that guarantee that everyone keeps flashing and pointing out came from Bioware when it was still Bioware. Now it's a completely different company with a different core set and rules and what they want is money. With that they got our money for the CE and the VIP, done deal.
(BTW the CE and VIP vendors are completely separate NPCs)

Bioware most likely had everything for the vendors up and ready to be put in and then the layoffs started and the Doctors left for their own reason and when the New Bioware came along these items that were meant for CE or the VIP vendors are now part of the Cartel Market because the New Bioware saw that if these were exclusives then people will pay and pay we have.

The CE owners have a right to feel cheated they were promised something and it hasn't lived up to the hype that was first presented. They aren't asking for anything free or more stuff mailed. Nothing is free in the CE vendor. 1 update in a year isn't really an update it's an addition and considering that it came along side a free Tauntaun mini pet it felt more like a gag to myself then anything. If it had been a Tauntaun mount not only would I have been pleased I wouldn't have felt as jaded. Hell I would have been to busy running on my mount to really care but that's only a pipe dream.

As for the person that keeps trying to champion this whole Regular update thing, to tired to go back and grab the quote, but I like you. You seem to only be here or lurking most forums to just cause strife and step back and watch where the ball falls. And while yes Regular is a subjective term, it was a term given and meant that Bioware (then) would provide updates to it more frequently than has been allowed over the year. If they had said Monthly, Bi-annually, yearly, Decennially or whatever I and many others would be like okay I'll check back then. No problem, but the problem is that most people figured that regularly coincided with their weekly updates which has long been proven isn't the case. Hell they would have been better off using their patented "Soon" and we would have know it was a back burner subject.

Yes in the last live "Dodge the Question and Answer the Promoted Question" session it was said they were going to have "talks" about what was in store for the CE and VIP vendors but they can talk all they want it's the actions they carry out after the talking is done that matters.

Long story short.

This whole thing has been a topic that should died when the Cartel Market was launched. Everything that was meant for CE and VIP has been outsourced to fill in this feature. I wish they would just delete both vendors or at least keep one and convert it to a Cartel Market NPC (I hate the gold symbol and I'm sure many others do too) and convert the VIP area to a mini game area and holo-net area for Swoop Race betting or something.


Tauntaun Mount... Get there!