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1. What is the meaning of "ooine" as found in the planet names Tatooine and Dantooine? Does it have some sort of cultural significance? What about Mos Espa and Mos Eisley. Seams allot like names such as San Francisco or Los Vegas.

2. Hyperspace regulations. Is there such thing? Whats to prevent a ship from blasting into a planet and causing a mass extinction? Or if a ship is coming out of hyperspace above a highly trafficked planet such as Courscant. What rules or regulations are preventing it from hitting another ship?

3. So far each planet we go to in Star Wars seems to have only one main environment, government, and culture dominating the entire planet? Are their any exceptions? How about planets with multiple nations and cultures like earth, or whose denizens are still in a early prehistoric era, living like cavemen. What about a planets who's life is still primitive, like ours in the Mesozoic eras or Precambrian eras.

4. What are the Religions like in Star Wars? Is there only the force? What about gods, do they have any? Do they have their own mythology's like we do? Or is all the hype on the Sith and Jedi?
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