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12.04.2012 , 05:04 AM | #68
I have to admit that I have experienced or at least witnessed most of what the OP said on Ebon Hawk as well as on Sanctum prior to the merger. I ask myself if many of the players guilty of such are the same ones I knew on Sanctum with new chars. Anyway,enough about that. One thing I would like to present for your consideration concerning Sith RP that curdled my blood. I was once approached by a sith lord I had never met before who attempted to mind control my character to sleep with him. It was godmod whispered to me that his force persuasion was 100% effective and he then told me OOC this had been played out IC over time and was a well excepted fact on the server. Through later observation I did notice this char seemed to know many others and was well known. Force persuading a person to have sex with you is no different from slipping someone a roofie. It is called ****. When I refused to RP this he threatened me with death of character,insulted me,called me a bad RPer and otherwise ranted. This is an aspect of play that should NEVER be in any MMO. **** is not fun,funny, or good RP. It is in fact a good way to traumatise victims of said crime and abuse. BW never commented on my ticket which is absolutely sickining. Thankfully I have not seen that char for a long time and hopefully there was some disciplinary action taken. I under NO way wish to imply that all or even many Sith RPers are like this. It is just an extreme example of how some twisted players can abuse Sith powers.