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I highly doubt fans of the original trilogy are going to enjoy the upcoming Star Wars movies. Regardless of whether George Lucas wrote the stories or not. After all, the story will most likely once more involve fast-paced action scenes, heavy use of CGI, etc. Things which were never welcomed for one, but without a doubt will return.

Additionally, once again it will become a family friendly film, and as such will include story plots and characters which will not be liked by all.

All of which truly was nothing new, but after many original trilogy fans idolized those films so much, they no longer see the hairy ape making funny sounds, or fail to see how much CGI is actually involved in the original trilogy if you think about which time it's made.
So what you're saying is that those people are close-minded old nerds who don't appreciate modern films. Nice.
Personally, the reasons I disliked Episodes 1-3 are different than what you are imagining, but go ahead and believe what you will.