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Do you like quoting me and randomly inserting statements that address things I did not say, or are you just ignorant that quoting someone means you are addressing that person?

Quote: Originally Posted by Sippix View Post
Why would anyone run AP? Even in PVE, AP is just sub-par when compared to the amount of actual DPS that Pyro can provide. To say, "I'm AP and my damage is always on the top of the chart," is to say that no one else on your team is doing very good. AP just cannot pull the damage that Pyro can - period.
AP is still a DPS spec. As long as it exists, players will run it.

That being said a player will run AP to:
Offer a greater scoring threat in huttball
Perform better at solo defending a node
Offer a high chance of breaking an opponent's peel at the start of Civil War
Move quickly between the doors in Voidstar
May run the IGC for the guard option without hampering their damage dealing potential as much as a Pyro would
Have the option to remove themselves from a meaningless conflict so everything is not a kill you before you kill me situation
God forbid they actually like the spec and want to run it.

A great player knows his limits and how to overcome them. That includes switching specs to adapt to the situation. With the free respec benefit for subscribers and the legacy field respec this is a constant option.

A pyro will do more damage, but I never said they wouldn't. Good job quoting me and addressing that as it had absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

Quote: Originally Posted by Sippix View Post
Using Advanced Reflex Armoring 27's in the Belt and Wrist along with Hawkeye crystals in the MH and OH provide a larger damage increase than stacking Expertise over 1200. This is simple math that can be done with using a calculator. Doing so, you only lose about 1.75% damage reduction, from ~1390 Expertise to ~1200 Expertise.
Once again I did not argue against that, this is simple reading that can be done by using your eyes in conjunction with your brain. My concern is over the notion that there is this "sharp", as you called it, DR curve at 1200. Which from looking at the graphs is not the terminology I would use to describe the trend at that level. If you think that is "sharp" then so be it, but if that is the case then we probably couldn't agree on what is considered the color brown or red.

Quote: Originally Posted by Sippix View Post
Actually, the Crit Rating gained from stacking Aim does have its own DR table. That's been a known fact since near the start of the game, when people were gearing up in January. Also, pushing high Crit Rating does not make you deal more damage - It only gives you the potential to roll a critical hit. That's why DPS (even of other classes) goes Power heavy, along with Surge. Even for PVE, your crit rating should never exceed 300.
How about you read what was typed? I clearly wrote the +crit from stacking aim is not on the crit rating DR curve, that means exactly what it says. The stat CRIT RATING has its own DR curve that does not include the bonus crit from stacking aim.

Quote: Originally Posted by Sippix View Post
Steely Resolve should only be used as a bolster for PVE damage mechanics. You should still always stack secondary stats heavier than primary stats, as any DPS. Having the 9% increase to total Aim only helps give that little extra, since it is used in place of TD builds (which burst is not necessary for pve). Like I said, no DPS PT should ever be stacking Aim.
Again, why am I being quoted here?
I understand your preference for power as it applies to a particular situation I mentioned. But the "no DPS PT should ever be stacking aim statement" is a foolish one. You've already been shown to be wrong in multiple contexts (one which I mentioned back in my first post in this thread). That's the problem with a blanket statement you aren't accounting for exceptions.