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12.04.2012 , 04:29 AM | #43 I want to see something like that in the ToR (in there darth nox could be Revan aprentice who says these words) I want to see a truelly mad man not like foundry Revan...he is kind of lame mad man... to be honest, in the fundry I'm can't see him as mad as some one want him to be. I can see Revan as he bind the Empreror's spirit to him self with the force-walking(after all he fougth with the Empreror's willpower for 300 years, what does it matter a few more?)..... Revahhhhrgasm
After this there could be a sith inqusitor/warrior quest line to bring one of Revan's holocrons to the Rakatan world where the star forge was destroyed and where Darth Bane found it after a few hundred years.