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I have both an Operative and a Shadow.

Mostly run as healer with my Operative but yesterday I respecced to Concealment.

The damage was good but very situational. You have to pick your target and get into position to be very effective. For those that are all about hitting top numbers, this class is not for them so much. Now my Op is only a level 46 and the avg. crit is 2.5k

My Shadow has a better time causing more damage the Operative my average crits are about 5k. It is easier to get into position using Force speed and the utility of the Shadow is much better than the Op. In PvP, the Taunts they have helps out the people on your team by reducing the damage the opponents can deal out to everyone except you.

If you want Stealth + DPS + Utility + assisting team member then go with the Shadow/Assassin.

If you decide Shadow and you do not want to DPS anymore you can switch to a Tank. Skill trees Tank : DPS : DPS

If you decide Operative/Scoundrel and you do not want to DPS anymore you can switch to Healer. Skill trees Healer : DPS : DPS

Some of the other classes that can top the charts in DPS their skill trees in their respective AC all DPS : DPS : DPS

DPS players outnumber the Tanks and Healers. Being able to play as a tank or a healer will enable you to join more groups making it easier to build your gear up.

An Operative/Scoundrel can easily switch to DPS more so than a tank, simply due to the fact that all your gear as a healer needs to have max output. This easily crosses over to DPS.

A Shadow/Assassin is a little harder to switch due to the fact that a tanking gear does not produce any output numbers. (My Shadow has two sets of gear, one for DPS, and one for tanking)

The decision is all up to you. If you do not like the choice, re-roll a new toon. At least get the first past chapter 2 so the legacy buff for your other toons.
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