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Caedus, he is just that powerful.

Kyle Katarn wasn't even considered powerful enough to deal with Darth Caedus, only Luke himself was seen as his match.

And I would also like to add that I was very disappointed with the way they killed off Darth Caedus. I mean all that backstory and all that talk of destiny and then he just die like that...

Quote: Originally Posted by mothermoy View Post
When you spend however many hundred years of something, just instinctually holding back, you just cant deprogram yourself to just flip a switch and change it. I guarantee you, if yoda could fully tap into his force knowledge, and beat sidious, but that meant him delving a teeeeensy bit into quasi=darkside, he would have never done it.
Well I can tell you right now that all this speculation about Yoda not going 100 % is wrong. Why? Simple, in the Revenge of the Sith novel (not movie) one get to be inside Yoda's head while he fight Sidious, and when he realize that he can't beat him.
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