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Hi Guys,

So.. im a HUGE Star Wars fan, as I know most of you are too. We're also no doubt all aware of the mixed feelings in the Star Wars community surrounding the news that Disney is at the reins and we now have a definate 7th film in 2015 with more potential sequels every 2 years after that..

Personally as a Star Wars of going on 3 decades, I have mixed feelings... on the one hand im scared that the new hands at the reins will charge off into the sunset ripping the preciously constucted lore to shreds on the way... but on the other hand im thinking.. YES!!!! more visual Star Wars stories to watch and enjoy... To be honest its a 20-80% split.. the 80 being the excitment factor!

But anyway, back to my initial point of this thread.. With the inevitable hype for the new films, will there be a hike in the interest and draw to our beloved Star Wars The Old Republic MMO?
The films will no doubt draw in the next generation of StarWars fans to the cause, but will they also come our way as well...???

What are your thoughts?
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