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12.04.2012 , 04:03 AM | #23
This idea is a game killer, let me tell what it did for sto. At launch and about a year in allot of people picked up the lifetime subs. The money was good, but in the end sto was hurting money wise, because what they did was kill that solid stream of the monthly subs. Soon in their so called f2p modal they had to make up for the loss, so they began putting solid content items in the cstore, and charging RL money. So what ended up happening was the Lifetime sub and the subscriber got royally screwed and got nothing in return for their spent money. Its simple money management. You need a steady stream of money to keep the game up. One big burst from lots of players does not give you that. If swtor went down that road, it surely would destroy this game, because like sto they would run into money problems later on after the burst of profit. You would start seeing key content items put into the cartel market for RL money. Essentially lifetime subs would just end up screwing the player.