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Huttball has the worst scoreboard. It shows most irrelevant stats. Funny thing in huttball, lot of times it turns out that the team with the most damage actually loses.

Huttball MPV should go to the person with the most attacker points IMO. This requires other players to know this even have to mouse-hover over the objective score to see it.

I frequently score 1 or 2 goals, and we win 1-0 or 2-0 and I get 0 MVP votes a large majority of the time. They are like "Wow that assassin tank only put out 40k damage...what was he doing all game?"
HA a game yesterday, win 2-1, commando (gunnery) with 30k dmg 30k healing, some ****** had the gall to ask me if I afk'd the warzone. Now if he hadn't of just been kill chasing at mid he would have saw me healing the BC and running ahead to clear platforms with KB. Far too many idiots at every level of PVP that MVP is totally worthless as it's rarely the actual MVP of the match that get's it.
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