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12.04.2012 , 03:56 AM | #79
Well people who payed for 150$ for CE did not just payed for a tiny statue (which by the way barely worth anything ), a couple physical items only. From the start CE has been promised a store that's only for CE owners that would be updated regularly. Other than that difference between Digital Deluxe and CE is almost nothing.. Actually it is nothing.

And the items you are talking about? Heroes banner.. come on its crap that you can get from GTN for less than 5k credits if you want maybe less. We got 1k cartel coins which is about 8 Euros. So yeah as a CE owner i feel screwed over.

Only reason I went for CE was the idea that they will add new items once in a while like every other content patch.
So what people asking here is additional updates on the store. Which by the way here is a link to the source on SWTOR`s own website.