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12.04.2012 , 03:54 AM | #114
Hello. This evening I dropped Artifice and added Synthweaving as my crafting skill. I grinded moderately on the beginning schematics available from the crew skill vendor. Crafted me up some greens, r/e'd them to blues, then r/e'd the blues to the first purple I could learn and equip it.
I noticed a flaw in the slaw after logging upon learning my first blue schematic, then loaded T7 up and muled to my next crafted in line. Upon returning to cycle T7 for another round, I noticed the previously learned blue was no longer in my learned/purchased schematic inventory. Only the original greens that came with the skill and the few I had purchased from the Synth trainer. I proceeded again, filled T7 up with 5 more greens and got at least one hit on the corresponding r/e's. I did not log this time however and continue to grind T7 until my purples were learned. Once learned, I loaded him up with the purple artifact gear I had learned and then logged.
Upon returning, my purple gear had been crafted, however no more schems were present and they were reset to the original green options.
As stated, this was only done on the synthweaving craft skill. I have a full complement of crafters and this is my gameplay 75% of the time I am logged. For people like me, this is a catastrophic issue and one that needs to be addressed and resolved forthwidth. Much time is spent grinding the materials needed to make these items. Much time is spent in the crafting and reverse engineering of these items. I only hit it mildly tonight, grinding synth enough to get my lvl 11 some artifact gear. I spent a lot of money on terenthium which I did not have to spend. I won't bore you with my time lost. However, consider the folks that grind this out much more intensely than I. Their time and money and complete style of gameplay has been systematically reset to base and is considerately more expensive to operate. In my opinon, a hardcore leveler that spent an entire night grinding ten levels out without as much as a pissbreak and then logging back in come morning and finding himself back to where he was prior to his grind. A might frustrating would you say?
As of now a formal apology would be fitting. A couple days from now, it's gonna take more than that. This is what we do. Get your men on this and with haste. Please.
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