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and only 2 meager replies from BW asking for basic info with no feedback on how the information provided by the players was handled.....

I posted earlier in this thread and since then i had a couple of days off and thus more playtime available.
On those days i played at different times of the day on/off peak times and the diconnects do tend to happen more often during my peak times ( GMT+1 on Red ecplipse server).

I tried to keep track on how and at what point i disconnect.
1) i disconnect when trying to search on the GTN, send a ingame mail or click a vendor. on 9 out of ten occasions the connection bar drops in the red as soon as i click the desired function (eg "search", "send" or the vendor). My latency goes up to 6000-8000-12000ms at which point i get a red "x" and disconnect to the server select screen.

2) Running FP's. In here there is no rime or reason as to when i disconnect. This happened while in combat - everyone stands still besides me, i can activate my abilities but nothing happens. Then the combat (effects) "catches up" on my screen, i see everyone moving again but i STILL disconnect
Or i can disconnect while out of comabt when waiting before a pull. However on these disconnects i had 3 occasions where i log back in after the dc i immediatly get a companion mission complete pop-up. Maybe the trigger for the disconnect is the actual pop-up when the companion missions completes...but this is just a guess

When i disconnect to the server select screen there are also 1 of 2 things that can happen;
1) I reselect my server and can log back with the character i disconnected on. Selecting another character will give me an error message, saying i cant log said character in because the one i dc'd on is still logged into the server
2) I disconnect to the server select screen and immediatly get a error that the server list is unavailable and the game closes by itself

regarding this i made several ingame tickets aswell, all of which where closed after some days with irrelevant answers ,CSR droid who handled these where M0-T0 btw

I hope BW takes notice of ths thread again and provides some feedback on the issue! Because for now the enjoyment playing this game is pretty far fetched