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12.04.2012 , 03:34 AM | #78
I don't care what the non-CE players would say, they had the option to buy the CE too. Didn't buy? Nothing to say then. Other then that, CE vendor was supposed to have new items and what not on it but all it does have is a junk which hasn't renewed in ages. VIP lounge? That's a complete joke, no-one even uses it. If it had more functionality, like own GTN terminal, mail box, bank terminals, perhaps then yeah, less crowd equals more comfort. So far the existing CE features are nothing what was promised.

EDIT: and just to clarify - I got CE edition exactly for the vendor. Though I have to admit, I assumed at first that it will be a personal vendor in my personal house (that was before the game was released and before I got into beta) or it will be in my ship. Which wasn't the case. But still, I assumed that the vendor will be, as was promised, regularly updated with USEFUL items. Which is not the case. The silly little droid what came with it? Never used. Holodancer? Useless thing. Camera? Useless. Speeder? Minorly useful since I could not use it any sooner then anyone else, I still had to wait until I get to lvl 20, I still had to buy the skill like all, for the same price. Only difference was somewhat smoother looks, but speed, everything else, was the same. So a minor and only marginally useful thing. Whee, I saved 8k in-game, imagine this! Statue? Cheap work and it's of Malgus, something and someone I don't give and care a womprat's tail for. VIP club access? Like I said above, useless. Not to mention that several of these things weren't unique to CE only, but were and are also available in Digital Deluxe version. So the ONLY thing what was exclusive and what I really was looking for was this vendor, and so far it hasn't been what BW promised, by far.
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