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Depends on what spec you play. Some specs benefit less from adding crit since they have procs for auto crits.

As a deception assassin, I run 916 bonus force damage (I think around 622 bonus melee damage), 96.34% melee accuracy, and about 31.4% force crit, another ~1% for melee crit. I did this by replacing all mods and enhancements to the low endurance versions. I run 1 expertise crystal and 1 power crystal in the offhand, and run at 1349 expertise. 19080 hp.

Some of the pieces are mismatched with a +crit mod, but a +power enhancement since there is no +crit and surge enhancement I could find, apart from ripping them out of a very costly chest piece. It is more practical to not worry about matching mods and enhancements and just rip them out of WH offhands and sabers.

With the highly popular hybrid build, you would not have to worry about the crit mods, and you could outfit everything with +power.
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