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12.04.2012 , 02:36 AM | #691
Well, not going to lie, play commando in pvp is a challenge. However, its my favorite class to pvp with. In full adjusted WH gear for max power, i run between 350k-550k depending on the other side makeup. Thats not super dps compared to some other classes, but look at it this way. The nerf bat will not be coming after your 8k smashes and dispatches. Eventually, we will get some love ). You will be a better player for it.

The secret to playing this class is LoS, LoS, LoS !!!! If you stand in the open, you deserve to get owned. Cut corners, use wierd angles, jump and shoot over walls, est. Run assult spec, dot everything and their brother, tab target for squishies, then throw the sink at them...Then, move your *** private !!! Out of sight, out of mind...Hammer shots until you fingers bleed, the stronger crits with your dots running on a target add up. If your running and not hitting hammershots, rage quit and roll and new toon...Watch for you target to cure themselves...If they do, redot...If they are good at curses, find a new target and dont waste your time.

I am sure all this has already been said, im just too lazy to read it !!
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