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hmm..if you use you mouse to isntantly turn back..move..then jump+instant turn to ur target and knockback..that will be faster and more efficient than backpadeling

the thig is..people that ahve backpadle key bound tend to use it alot...some will actualy "runaway" from you backpadeling...i see sorcs using forcespeed while backpadeling..

basicaly, if its bad 99% of the time..then dont use it aat all..

Though i still consider keyboard turning and clicking abilities even worse..
Yes, in most situations strafing to one side, then doing a quarter turn the the opposite side and knocking back is preferable, but there are situations where stepping back a step or two is quicker, especially where camera angles are a concern.

I don't think anyone was arguing that backpedaling is better, we all know it's not... but I just hate dealing in absolutes... there is a situation for everything.

And just to make sure I'm understood... I'm a player who runs forward, jumps on a huttball catwalk, does a 180 in mid air, Extricates/Rescues a teammate, does another 180 back and keeps running forward... and I still don't think backpedaling is evil. Everything has its own time and place.

Edit: And I'll just comment here on a recent post I did not quote. Megatfx is not a moron, in fact he's a very good player on all 3 characters I've seen him play, but as I've stated I do disagree on absolutely not using the S key.

And someone else said, if it's bad for 99% of the situations don't even use it. Why? It's better for that 1% of the time, and if it's better why not use it unless you're running out of keys to bind? If I'm min/maxing my gear to get an extra 1% why would I not do so with my game play as well?
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